Service & Support Technician

About the project

As part of my Information Technology study at North Notts College, along with other students, I have started a College On-Campus Computer Repair Centre. Due to no initial funding, we have organised a car wash during the Christmas period which helped in funding the equipment required to conduct basic computer diagnosis and repair. As a 3 we’ve worked together to advertise, manage and apply our skills gained during the course to help our clients with their PC issues.


We also took advantage of The National Association of College & University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) and presented our idea to gain funding to officially start the business. We have successfully been granted £3000 in funding after winning the competition.

Knowledge Gained

  • Ability to successfully fundraise and pitch an idea for a business.

  • Applying my knowledge of computer hardware and software to resolve client issues.

  • Collaborating with like-minded individuals to achieve a common goal.