About the project

I have worked on a game called Knightfall during the Final Year of the Computer Science for Games course in a team of 7 (3 designers & 4 programmers). The game is a 2-player Splitscreen Versus Tower Climbing game created in Unreal Engine 4 and made to run on the PC and PlayStation 4. During the project, I fulfilled a role of a Project/Team Leader and Gameplay Programmer.

The objective of the game is to collect more crystals than your opponent. You have 5 rounds to try and beat your opponent; overall score defines the winner. You collect the crystals around the map or race to the top to get a large amount from reaching the top and ending the round. There are 4 pick-up abilities which allow you to temper with your opponent. You also have a push ability which recharges after several seconds. Each time you are hit with an ability you lose points and each ability impacts the opponent in different ways. The tower keeps sinking into the lava beneath and progressively sinks faster.

Awards gained

  • The project was presented at Game Republic 2019 and won a 3rd place in The Revolution Software Award for Art & Animation.
  • During my graduation, I was awarded a Sheffield Institute of Arts Degree Show Award for BSc Computer Science for Games; Awarded for best in show – For working as a team on the Knightfall project.
Knowledge gained as Project/Team Leader

  • Utilising project management tools (ClickUp) to schedule, manage and assign tasks to each member of the team. Also, used to plan features and log bugs.

  • Learned to adapt tasks based on member’s expertise and preference.

  • Using Git LFS version control and GitHub to simplify the project collaboration process.

  • Improved my understanding of the workflow the designers follow and adapting the schedules to assure both programmers and designers are working at the same pace.

Knowledge gained as Gameplay Programmer

  • Working knowledge of Unreal Engine 4’s interface; notably when working with designers.

  • Understanding and effectively using the C++ API in Unreal Engine 4.

  • Creating an intuitive and precise Character and Camera Movement System for Keyboard and Mouse as well as Controllers.

  • Additional experience iterating on the project based on feedback and design changes.

  • Knowledge of building projects for the PC and PlayStation 4 platform using Unreal Engine 4 and optimising the game to maximise performance.