Placement Year - BestInSlot Studios

About the project

I started my Placement Year in a team of 6 students which took part in the Placement Year Enterprise Scholarship (PYES) attempting to start-up a games development studio, Bestinslot Studios, developing our first game.

During my time with the team, I initially focused on the company branding. The company branding encompassed a creation of the company logo and social banners. Iteratively I’ve worked on an initial idea until I settled on the final design which would be used for the website, posters, business cards, etc.

As for the game we worked on, I was in charge of the UI programming as well as the Character and Camera Systems. This being the first project I’ve worked on in Unity, all knowledge about the engine, C# and the overall workflow were self taught.

The UI elements I worked one were a simple main menu with a Settings section that gave the user ability to change and save basic graphical settings as well as restore default settings. I worked on handling the transitions between scenes, displaying and linking up GUI elements to interactions. For the Character movement I have made a system utilising the Character Controller component which could handle various types of terrain such as slopes and steps. The Camera system was initially custom made then it was moved to utilise Cinemachine.

Knowledge Gained

  • Creating professional brand identity including the company logo and social media banners.

  • Iterating through various ideas regarding branding resulting in a clean and elegant result.

  • Begun my journey with Unity; self-taught the workflow, notably creating a UI, Character and Camera Systems.

  • Working closely with the teams designer by helping them with design decisions and work scheduling. Assuring both programmers and the designer were on the same page.

  • Experience doing weekly work reviews to assure desired standard are met.